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Joseph C. Miller 



Phad Stories & History


Phad illustrate mostly two popular epic traditions of Rajasthan. There are Phads for other deities, but these are rare. Phads of Ramdev Ji, a Rajput hero and saint from Marwar who opposed caste discrimination, can be found, is revered by Bhambis, Meghwals, Chamars & other belong to the schedule caste. but the most popular one is about Pabuji Rathore, A Rajput chieftain, whose elder brother rules at Kolu. He is venerated as an incarnation of Lord Rama's brother Lakshman by Rebari camel-herders. The second story is about the twenty four brothers (Bagrawat) & Lord Devnarayan. They are popular among cattle-keeper, farmers and rural craftsman who generally lives in the eastern part of Rajathan. Devnarayan is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and his story parallels Krishna's story many way. Devnarayan probably lived in the 10th century A.D., Pabuji in 14th century, and Ramdeviji in the 15th century. They all are "Cattle Heroes" who rescued the community's cattle and died as a result. Cattle heroes are collectively known as "Bhomiyo". Only some Bhomiyo become powerful gods and their cult develop epic poems & network of shrines.

Story of Pabuji                                   Story of Devnarayan

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